Workshop Subjects

Collage of people enjoying workshops and classes held by Jay Nolan-Latchford

Workshops are available for any occasion, 1:1 tuition, at work, home, fundraisers, a team building event or a birthday.

All materials are supplied, with a huge range of subjects suitable for any skill level.

Sketching class, circular objects, and pencil shading.

Classes for Beginners

Beginner classes and classes suitable for children over 8 years of age.

watercolour painting of a zebra with rainbow patten pink, yelow, blue and green.


Watercolour classes, learn techniques, colour theory and much much more.

Acrylic painting of poppies using blue, dark blue and red colours.

Acrylics, Inks and Mixed Media

Learn to use acrylic paints and how to work with mixed media to achieve stunning effects on your artwork.

magpie and fox at night tme paintingusing pencil and watercolor

One Day Classes

Longer classes go into much more depth and are up to 5 hours long

watercolour trees pink, purple, yellow and green

Techniques and Masterclasses

Improve and master a range of techniques in these advanced classes.