Tiers and benefits details

Tiers work in such a way that you simply pick the one that is right for you and you are ready to go, with access granted via Patreon to all the content you sign up for. There is no need to sign up for multiple tiers. Just select the one you want and everything included with tiers previously listed is already included.

Supporter Tier £1.99

The supporter tier gives you great value for your pledge in the following ways.

  •  Access to the Supporter community on Facebook.

  • Monthly Newsletter.

  • Bonus social media content.

  • Lots of Patreon content.

This tier gives you exclusive access to elements of my social media and teaching that is an add-on to my live workshops and zoom classes. It is fantastic for regular workshop attendees and those who love the live workshop experience but do not want to watch video tutorials.

My Facebook supporter community is a group I have set up on Facebook which is only accessible to my Patrons. Here you can share your works of art, get some feedback, and see Facebook content that is only for patrons.


The supporter community is also where you will find promotions and discount offers that are available only to patrons or are offered to patrons before anyone else. It is where exclusive social media content will be shared, and where you will find early access to my news and other events.

Member Tier £4.99

The member tier includes everything in the supporter tier plus:

  • Welcome gift with a value of £9 equivalent to more than your first month's patronage.

  • Two full-length adult art tutorials per month.

  • Two full-length beginner or junior tutorials

  • Access to my entire tutorial library

  • In-depth support and feedback on your artwork.

  • Monthly zoom art class

With the Member tier, you get everything already included in the supporter tier, so the added benefits of becoming a member for only £3 more are well worth it.

The welcome gift I offer will always be to the value of your first month's subscription or more. Right now the welcome gift consists of a selection of JNL greeting cards with designs from my original paintings or workshop pieces. They are printed to premium quality and retail for £9 per selection.

All my full-length art tutorials are available via this tier. The tutorials here are catered to all levels of skill and experience just like my live workshops. I include all the reference materials you will need and they can be printed at home or viewed on your computer, tablet, or phone, as you follow the tutorials. These tutorials are in real-time and allow you to pause and pick up the video at completely your own pace. You will gain access to my entire library of video tutorials and lots of shorter videos to help you along the way.

Get in-depth feedback from me on your works of art, techniques, style, and anything else you would like to discuss about your art or experience.

This tier includes even more with a live zoom session each month at no extra cost to patrons.


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